Why, Hello!

I am a writer and editor living in Southern Vermont. My background is in poetry, but for the past six years I have been writing in prose. Initially I found getting to the right-hand side of the page difficult, but I figured it out.

I am the author of Stuff Every Beer Snob Should Know, just out from Quirk Books. I believe in drinking good beer on draft. Local beer is always a plus. You’ll find me see-sawing between porters and IPAs, with a few saisons in between. Keep fruit-syrupy abominations away from me.

I am working on a more literary manuscript about my father, who was an astronomer (and a craft-beer drinker). He died when I was twenty-four and I associate two things with him: science and loss. Although I am a former English major, I found myself being drawn to science a few years after he died, and I set out to understand his work. I ultimately (and perhaps predictably) failed to solve the problem my father worked on late in his career, but I learned a great deal about my father, science, my family, and myself.

Interested in editing? I have copyedited and proofread academic and scientific articles, as well as popular history, craft, design, cooking, and other lifestyle books. I also love working with creative writers at all levels. More information available here.

Contact me at ellendgoldstein (at sign) yahoo (period) com.